Contingency Recruitment

This is your ‘traditional’ recruitment service, when you have either a contract or permanent recruitment need. You instruct house to source you a candidate who fits your criteria for skills, expertise and experience. There are no upfront costs for you and a fee of 18-25% of the first year’s remuneration would be payable when we place a candidate with you.

Still a very popular method. You can rely on us to take this opportunity to market and promote your business as an employer of choice whilst managing the front end of the process. It is crucial that we understand your business and that we have direct access to those involved in the process.

For more information on this service and to see if it would work for you, please get in touch with
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“Michelle is a highly professional recruiter. It was a pleasure working with her and her support is seamless. Thanks so much for all your assistance, was great working with you.”

Loretta, Candidate